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Applied Positive Education Diploma, Argentina 2016

DEPA: Getting into module five, Social consciousness.


The past Friday 12th was the opening class for module five of the first South American programme on applied positive education held by The Latin-American Center of Positive Psychology here in Buenos Aires. The Diplomatura en Educaciòn Positiva Aplicada or DEPA (http://celappa.com/dippa-argentina-2016/), was design based on positive psychology theories, research and findings applied to education and a research called “Inspire by example: A Qualitative Research on the Intrapersonal and Interpersonal impact of Studying Positive Psychology.” authored by MSc. Delfina Terrado Kaehler and Dr. Tim Lomas (2013). This study explores the impact of studying a master’s programme on applied positive psychology (MAPP), for students and its possible influence on their children. Hefferon and Boniwell (2011) report that MAPP Programmes are mainly constructed on the theoretical framework of positive psychology and the practical experiences of its interventions, which as a result provide students significant experiences. These experiences are part of what Seligman (2012) called “The Magic of MAPP” or Hefferon and Boniwell (2011) “life-changing”. The aim of DEPA is to cultivate and foster life-changing experiences to those individuals that are part of the educational community through three main areas. The first area puts forward an invitation to participants to become researchers of their own life, apply tools and resources into their current state of well-being and observe their impact, be aware of before and after the implementation. The second area concentrates in the environment or context they are immerse and how can they improve explicit or implicit variables that play part in the school, institution or organization. The third one is prototyping; take into action new ways based in science and experience that can cultivate well-being.


Cohort one is full of interesting participants’ part of the educational community; there are people from Chile and Argentina that work meaningfully in schools, universities and organizations. These are professionals that held the future of a new educational generation in which flourishing and wellbeing are top priorities.

Over the weekend, the positive psychology practitioner Viviana Kelmanowickz dove into three main concepts of Social Consciousness: gratitude, empathy and compassion. One beautiful example of prototyping these concepts was explained by Viviana with her creation Awentura. Awentura is the first and only video game based on Hispanic Positive Psychology, which aims to increase children’s wellbeing by encouraging their strengths and positive emotions. It is also a digital platform to collaborate with social causes through gaming. Awentura was created to multiply and amass some concepts of positive psychology, which are considered, by the scientific community, very valuable to increase wellbeing.

DEPA Buenos Aires 2016 was the first cohort to enter this journey and DEPA Chile 2017 will be the first cohort in that vibrant Andes country. Investigations about DEPA`s impact in the participants’ well-being are taking place, as this article is being written. Hope is up that once more a positive psychology programme has profound effect on its participants.





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